GARDN’s 6th Annual AGM in Montreal

Omer Majeed of Specific Range Solutions Ltd. today attended GARDN’s 6th Annual General Meeting held at École Polytechnique in Montreal.  The meeting dealt primarily with the business and administration of the non-profit corporation, however there were interesting high-level presentations by the speakers listed below and a networking lunch which enabled old contacts to be renewed and some new ones to be made.  There was an inspiring level of enthusiasm among the Montreal-based researchers that I met.

  • Mohan Gupta, Ph.D., Office of Environment & Energy, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
    The Federal Aviation Administration’s Implication in Green Aviation Programs
  • Ted McDonald, Senior Environmental Protection Specialist (Aviation), Transport Canada
        Canada – US Collaborations on Aviation Environmental R&D
  • Jorin Mamen, Executive Director, BioFuelNet
    New Biojet Fuel Opportunities



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