NAV CANADA LPV Approach Demo Flight (YYJ)

Thank you to NAV CANADA, specifically to pilots Anthony MacKay and Tim Nikolai for the demonstration flight of the GPS LPV (Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance) approach capabilities of their CRJ200 aircraft this past Tuesday, November 18th during the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) AGM. Our flight left Vancouver (YVR) and proceeded to Victoria (YYJ) where three approaches were flown on Runway 27.  A thorough technical briefing by Anthony covering the Rockwell-Collins Flight Manangement System (FMS) 4.2 and the Class II iPad Electronic Flight Bay (EFB) preceded the flight. The weather was fabulous, as was the company on the flight.

The ATAC AGM itself was very productive with numerous informative sessions and discussions with current clients, as well as with vendors and other attendees. Omer Majeed gave a status presentation on the iPad Top of Descent App to the Regional Operations Meeting on Wednesday, November 19th which was positively received. He gave a similar presentation to the Society of Aircraft Performance and Operations Engineers (SAPOE) Conference in Miami last week.



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