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It has been months since the last website update, so here is a summary of the recent activities at Specific Range Solutions Ltd.  Last September, I attended  CAE Flightscape’s User Conference in Gatineau.  October had me in Miami attending the Society of Aircraft Performance & Operations Engineers’ (SAPOE) Annual Conference.  In November, I attended the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) AGM in Montreal.  I made a lot of interesting and valuable contacts at each of the three events.   In December, I flew down Wichita to visit old friends and colleagues at the Bombardier Flight Test Center and Learjet.   My laptop decided to give up the ghost in the Midwest, I  just can’t fault it after years of loyal service.  But why in the middle of a business trip?

As well, I gave a number of lectures and presentations this past fall, including:

  • a lecture on aircraft air systems to a keen class of fourth year undergraduate aerospace engineering students at Carleton University on November 2nd;
  • a presentation on my company at the CASI Ottawa Branch Industry Forum at Carleton University on November 16th;
  • and a day later, a lecture on  the cruise optimization software developed by my company to the  faculty and graduate students at Royal Military College in Kingston on November 17th.

Of note, there is interesting research on-going at RMC in the areas of Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) and gas turbines.

Finally, I have been busy supporting a client in Montreal on a Bombardier Aerospace program and performing a flight operations optimization analysis on a typical flight of a 19 passenger turboprop based on actual flight data from  The conclusion of the analysis is that small procedural modifications applied to a single flight can have significant impacts in terms of annual cost, fuel burn and emissions savings when applied to daily operations fleet-wide.   Looking forward to publishing that article soon.

All the best,

Omer Majeed, P.Eng.

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