Prof. Ye Awarded NSERC Engage Grant

On Thursday, March 12th, 2015, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) announced the awarding of an NSERC Engage Grant to Prof. Winnie Ye.  The purpose of the grant is to conduct research into sensor technology related to aircraft air systems.  Dr. Ye is the Canada Research Chair in Nano-scale Integrated Circuit Design for Reliable Opto-electronics and Sensors (Tier II) and an Associate Professor at Carleton University’s Department of Electronics.

Discussions between Carleton University and Specific Range Solutions Ltd. on the research project began in June 2014.  Prof. Ye and Omer Majeed collaborated closely during this joint application process to ensure that all of NSERC’s requirements regarding both university and industry participation were satisfactorily met.

Omer Majeed would like to personally thank the following individuals and organizations for their involvement over the last few months:

  • Prof. Winnie Ye for her diligence, persistence and patience during the application process;
  • NSERC for considering and approving the Engage Grant;
  • Mr. Dave Muir, President and CEO of GasTOPS Ltd. for his help and good advice on multiple occasions;
  • Prof. Paul Straznicky of Carleton University for encouraging me to leverage my knowledge and experience in aircraft air systems;
  • Prof. Jeremy Laliberté of Carleton University who provided helpful advice and organized the first meeting between the university and my company;
  • Prof. Henry Schriemer of the University of Ottawa who taught me the Principles of Photonics last Fall Term.

It is hoped that this first project will form the basis for a successful, long term research and development partnership between Carleton University, Specific Range Solutions and NSERC.

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