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Top of Descent App Presentation at AERO 15

Omer Majeed, of Specific Range Solutions Ltd. (SRS), will give a presentation on the engineering development of SRS’ iPad Top of Descent application at the Propulsion Symposium of CASI’s AERO 15 Conference in Montreal on Tuesday, May 19th, 2015.

The app enables the crew to plan and execute the most fuel-efficient descent from cruise and has been designed specifically for the Beech 1900D commercial turboprop aircraft, which is widely used in Canada.  Simulation and analysis of actual flights have shown average block fuel burn savings of up to 3% using optimized descents.  CO2 emissions are correspondingly reduced.  Furthermore, a well-planned descent increases the probability of a stabilized and hence safer approach, as well as increases engine life due to use of a lower power setting in descent.

Additional analysis performed by SRS indicates that more than 11% in average block fuel burn savings are achievable by optimizing the entire flight by climbing at the published rate, cruising at a higher altitude, eliminating unnecessary track miles and descending efficiently, all without reducing the cruise power setting or extending the block time; i.e., no schedule or time-based impact.  On an annual basis, this represents a potentially significant reduction in fuel costs, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Our app provides cost-effective Flight Management System (FMS)-type guidance to the crew for the descent flight phase and is an integral element supporting more efficient flight operations at airlines operating smaller turboprop aircraft.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot (GPS Version)

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