Proposal to GARDN Approved

Specific Range Solutions Ltd. (SRS) is pleased to announce that its proposal to the Green Aviation Research and Development Network (GARDN) has been approved by the Board of Directors under the auspices of the GARDN II Program.

Our twelve month project involves the development of an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)-based system to reduce the fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of small commercial turboprop aircraft during the cruise flight phase. Analysis has shown that the total in-flight fuel consumption for this class of aircraft can be reduced by over 10% without extending the scheduled block time.

Carleton University’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has partnered with SRS and Prof. Craig Merrett will be the academic lead on this project. Nick Czernkovich, who is a meteorologist and commercial pilot with experience on the B1900 and similar types, will serve a key consulting role on the team.

Omer Majeed would like to thank GARDN for the approval of our proposal and the project partners for agreeing to work together on this exciting aerospace research and development challenge.

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One thought on “Proposal to GARDN Approved

  1. Shubham Shukla


    First off, congratulations on the new release! It seems like there have been countless hours spent in the development phase with all kinds of variables kept in consideration. Hopefully, this will soon be used for operational purposes and Good Luck.

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