GARDN Montreal Aerospace Research Workshop

Omer Majeed of Specific Range Solutions Ltd. will be attending the GARDN Aerospace Research Workshop in Montreal on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015.  He will present a preliminary proposal regarding the development of an iPad-based application that will reduce fuel burn and emissions in the cruise flight phase for small commercial turboprop aircraft not equipped with […]

iPhone / iPad App Development and Conference Participation

Specific Range Solutions Ltd. is embarking on aviation application development for iPhones and iPads after having concluded that Apple devices are being widely adopted in the industry either by companies or by individuals. The initial phase will involve regulatory reviews and consultations, marketing surveys, as well as rapid prototyping. In related news, Omer Majeed will […]

Enquire About SRS’ Turboprop Performance Optimization Program

Specific Range Solutions Ltd. has developed a cruise performance optimization program for the TBM 850 turboprop aircraft. Input weight, temperature with respect to ISA, cruise leg in nautical miles and the parameter to optimize (minimum time, minimum cost or minimum fuel burn) and our program will calculate altitude, outside temperature, torque, fuel flow, KIAS, KTAS, […]